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Various Workouts full of fun stuff to download or print and use on yourself or your classes!
(Click on the title of each Workout to view as PDF or download.)

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Empowerment 2015
Goal: Build back a base early in the season. Lots of intervals with one long hill at end.

Cycling Jan 2015
Goal: Interval training in both predicable and unpredictable efforts finishing with Anaerobic Threshold Time Trial at end for a heart crushing finish.

Empowerment Class
A Keiser Cycling Workout designed to empower your class to challenge their edges and achieve new personal bests!

Keiser Cycling: Conquering The Climb Workout
Develop strength, power and climbing endurance as you challenge yourself to Conquer the Climb.

Keiser Cycling: Reaching The Summit Workout
Find new heights as you take your class through this challenging Keiser Cycling Hill Climb Class.

Keiser Cycling: Tour de France Workout
Viva la Tour! Create community, fun and ignite the competitive spirit as you take your class through this Keiser Cycling Team Race Re-creation Ride.

Palm Tree Series
A short yoga flow series designed to ground the body, open the shoulder, neck and upper back and connect to your core.
(This PDF is 17.7 MB and only avialble as a ZIP archive for downloading.)

TRX Workouts
Challenge your power, strength and core through these quick TRX Suspension Training workouts.

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