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"If you meet Suzette O'Byrne you will quickly see a passion for lifetime fitness that shines through and is woven into the fabric of her life. Her skill in finding the right balance in her programs to keep her clients active while avoiding injury has led me to refer hundreds of my patients to her over the years for assessment and program design. Having worked co-caring for patients with Suzette regularly over the last 8 years I recommend her services without reservation."
–Dr. Jeff Scholten, NUCCA Chiroprator

"I have been working with Suzette for over 8 years and have never found a better teacher or mentor. I came to Suzette originally to strengthen my back after I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Suzette was able to tailor exercises and poses to exactly what I needed for my body, depending on the day. I have worked with Suzette in both a class setting as well as in private sessions, and I am always able to finish my time with Suzette feeling balanced and grounded. I also appreciate that Suzette is constantly expanding her base of knowledge and is always able to challenge me in our sessions. Suzette has been a great mentor to me throughout my journey and I am truly grateful for her patience, wisdom and gentle spirit."
–Client Christina with scoliosis and sports specific goals

"Suzette O'Bryne has been a "God sent" to me. I met her after having had both kneecaps injured and she helped me become mobile again. She can advise on how to change ones movements ergonomically to alleviate pain & talk one through the "Fear Factor" in ones brain. I have many complications as well as "Post Polio Syndrome". Her knowledge, patience, and caring nature have helped me get stronger and more confident with her support."
–Yoga Therapy Client Katherine with mobility and chronic pain challenges

"My best kept secret is Suzette! There is no doubt that my health achievements and fitness accomplishments are to her credit. Whether its travelling the long road to improved pelvic floor health (a road which I’m still on), getting bikini beach ready (if only for a week!) or breaking my PRs today (that were set 10 years ago), Suzette’s programs have been instrumental in reaching these milestones. But Suzette’s instruction goes far beyond the obvious. The greatest benefit I have realized is the connection to my personal well being. Suzette has helped me build a strong foundation to rise above adversity and challenges and capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves. While Suzette’s expertise and credentials are impressive, its her commitment and passion that sets her apart. For this I am truly grateful."
–Client Brenda Pask

"Suzette O’Byrne came into my life about five years ago. Having struggled for years to deal with chronic pain and physical deterioration brought on by a combination of congenital scoliosis, flat back syndrome and multiple sclerosis. I knew I was going to need substantial support to be able to maintain my ability to be functional within my roles as a wife, mother and teacher. I approached a psychologist with the M.S. clinic to help me assemble a support team. She knew of Suzette’s work with therapeutic yoga and referred me to her. I turned a corner in my life on our first visit. I could tell immediately that I was in skilled and knowledgeable hands – I just didn’t realize at the time how extremely skilled and knowledgeable they were! I have registered for group therapeutic yoga classes with Suzette consecutively since that first meeting. I have utilized Suzette’s services privately as well. Initially, Suzette would consult with my physical therapist to ensure that both approaches were complementary. This cohesive approach was extremely helpful. With Suzette’s guidance in my yoga practice I have been able for the most part to maintain my functional abilities in my daily life. Although my health conditions continue to take their toll, in many ways I am a fitter more able person than I was five years ago. I am more able to face many of the physical and emotional challenges that arise with chronic pain and physical limitation with less anxiety and more confidence. Suzette’s provision of guidance, resources and encouragement keep me feeling like I have some control, some options, some hope. The understanding that I do not have to navigate my challenges alone has been life changing. I will be eternally grateful for Suzette and her dedication to her clients and her profession."

"My best