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Spring 2018 Yoga Retreat
at Kingfisher Resort & Spa, Comox, BC – April 26-29
For more information visit the Flow Yoga Retreats web page.

Yoga from the Pelvic Floor through Inner Core
at YogaMCC, Calgary, AB – Saturday, April 21st 1-4 pm
Learn how the balance between strength, endurance, release, breath, and awareness are all important to the health of the pelvic floor and inner core. Discover how it may not be issues with the pelvic floor but instead the muscles and connective tissue that surround and interact with its function that may the true culprits to pelvic floor weakness. As a gateway to stability in the body, a healthy pelvic floor and inner core is vital to our foundation and can significantly improve the quality of our life.
Contact YogaMCC to register or for more information.

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