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How Yoga Helps Conquer Stress - Podcast with Dr. Bob Acton
Welcome to the Conquer Stress, Anxiety, and Depression podcast where Dr. Bob Acton and his expert guests discuss helpful and practical strategies to feel happy, be resilient and live a healthy life. In this episode, Dr. Bob interviews Suzette O’Byrne about the value that yoga can bring to reduce stress and anxiety.
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Align Right
We focus extensively on alignment during yoga classes. Does it really matter?

Align Right - The Shoulders
By learning how to Align the shoulders Right, you have an opportunity to build upper back and shoulder stability, mobility and strength as well as take the pressure off of areas that can lead to injuries.

Breath Balancing
Become aware of the importance of breath balancing and how to identify and correct imbalances.

Checked In or Checked Out Yoga
When you head to your next yoga class, consider if you are checked in or checked out and how to get the most of your yoga experience.

What does "connecting" mean in a yoga class. Reflect on connections you are aware of and are not aware of…yet.

Developing Self Trust
Have you set your self up for success? Set goals and achieve them by creating Self Trust.

Fallen Down Standing Poses
Discover how to explore a whole new aspect to yoga poses by taking them to the ground.

Finding Inner Peace
What is Inner Peace? What does it look like, feel like and can we find it outside of Savasana?

Following Your Energy Lines
What are lines of energy in yoga classes? Discover your energy lines and how to connect to them.

Finding Your Swing
Lessons from The Bhagavad Gita and Legend of Bagger Vance.

Finding Your Yoga Style
Confused by all the different styles of yoga out there? Investigate the background and characteristics of the more popular forms of Western Yoga.

Getting Grounded
What does it mean when your yoga instructor asks you to "ground your feet…connect with the earth?".

Where does gratitude take you? Gratitude practices, reflections and opportunities.

Mind Body Challenge
Up for a daily challenge? Utilize these daily quotes for one month to stay connected, introspective and present.

What is the meaning of Namaste?

Taming the Wild Horse
As we move into the Wood Horse Chinese New Year, learn how to balance the quickness of life with slower and restorative poses, reconnecting with your present and increasing your ability to make clear and secure decisions.

Tis the Season
How do we get through the Christmas Holiday season and find happiness, fulfilment, contentment?

Yoga for Tight Hips - What are You Holding
How do we help our students learn how to bring balance back into the hips and relating structures?

"Let your